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This is the BEST place I have ever been to get my car serviced. Jerry is an amazing guy who charges by far the lowest rates around. He is extremely honest and likes to explain exactly what he has done to the car and why. He will not do extra work without asking. I know nothing about cars and can trust him to tell me exactly what is going on and not do unnecessary work. Recently, my brakes were making a weird noise and I was worried I would have to get them replaced. He took a look and explained that the chemicals working the brake pads can squeak, but the brakes were in great condition, and not to believe anyone that tells me I need costly work done. Another time, I thought I probably needed a timing belt replacement. He looked at the car and told me that I had a chain, not a belt, and didn't charge me a dime for the time he took to check on it. I just moved to D.C. and am considering making the trip back to Fieden if anything goes wrong with my car, because I have never been anywhere that compares to here.”
-Caitlin S. via Yelp

Excellent and HONEST mechanic! Very highly recommended. I know very little about cars and am always worried that I am getting ripped off by service centers, but Jerry at the Fieden Brothers Center was extremely clear with his explanations and the cost of the work. He did not pressure me into buying any particular part or work and even offered to refer me to other service stations in case I wanted to shop around. It should be noted that this is a no-frills old school kind of garage but that's just the type of old-school service you'll get: honest, solid work with integrity.”
- Sasha B. via Yelp

Excellent mechanic, great service, knowledgeable staff. Took my decade old Corolla here on recommendation of a friend. The car had been looked at by two other shops in Baltimore. Both claimed huge repair bill to replace pumps, belts and anything else that 'might' be causing a rattle under the hood (belts were new already). Shelled out for one shop - no changes or improvements under the hood. Fieden Brothers had the car for half the time as these other shops and fixed the actual problem not just some random belts. Thank you for the solid work, honesty and service!”
- J.T. via Yelp

“This will be short and sweet. I have received EXCELLENT service for over eight years. My 2001 Impala and I want to say Many Thanks Jerry and Team.”
– Carline O. via Yelp

Love these guys! I was recommended to them by my sister who said she had a really good experience. I have since been to them on multiple occasions and have been extremely impressed by the level of service. They are very quick to inspect and diagnose my vehicle and above that, I love how straight forward and honest they are. They are great about taking the time to go through the issues with me, explaining the mechanics behind them, showing examples of car parts when they can, and making sure I really understand what the problem is and where my money is going. I would highly recommend them everyone!
- Taryn K. via Yelp

“Finding a good mechanic is like finding a good barber. It is hard to find one you can trust, but once you do, you will always come back. This is a place I would take my car back to without a doubt.”
– Khiem via Google

"I gave these guys a shot based on the previous review, and I must say that I am very pleased with the service. My car was running rough, stalling out, and the check engine light was on. The guy at Fieden Brothers quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem and repaired the vehicle for a very reasonable price. The service was surprisingly prompt and friendly, amounting to the single best experience I have had with a mechanic in the Baltimore region. I would highly recommend Fieden Brothers to family and friends.
– John via Google

I love these guys because they are no nonsense mechanics. They'll take a look at the car and if they can fix it they'll tell you what you need to do, if they can't they'll tell you that too.The first time I took my car to them they even printed me out a diagram of the engine and showed me the part that was gone bad, explained to me exactly what it did, and gave me an estimate of what it would cost to fix it. I like these guys because they are straight shooters.
– Brian via Google

“I walk past this repair shop every day on my way to work and decided to bring my car in when my brakes started making noise. I found the experience to be lovely, particularly when compared to other auto repair experiences I have had with condescending, inconsiderate companies in the past. I needed my front brakes replaced and my car was in and out within a few hours (on the same day I called and asked to bring it in) with minimal damage to my wallet and no doubt in my mind that the work had been done with care. The gentleman even showed me my old brakes, explained what was making the noise, and patiently answered some unrelated car maintenance questions I had for him. After leaving, I noticed that he even noted on the bottom that it would be wise to get some new tires for winter. I will absolutely go back again when my car needs work in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs some work on their car.
- An Anonymous Google User

“These mechanics are like good dentists: You hate to have to go, but at least they’re fast, painless, and they’ll give you the satisfaction of showing you the part they had to replace and explain to you why it had to be replaced.” 
– Baltimore City Paper

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“Given how quickly the two brothers work on vehicles, one could park, walk to Fells for coffee or lunch, and return to find the vehicle ready for the road. Another remarkable thing about Fieden Brothers is that Jerry, one of the brothers, will diagnose a car's malady before your eyes, and when the job is done he will show you what parts needed to be replaced and why.” 
– Baltimore City Paper

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